Restoring the God-Given Right to Collective Self-Defense

And don’t try to run no slave theology on me either. Save it. God’s real people defend what God alone can give and has given them and the most precious of these things is life. It was Christ alone who was not to be defended for His death was ordained to and for the purpose of making sure you and I did not HAVE to die prematurely, and that we would have life in abundance, now and then. The notion that we simply have to sit back and be slaughtered is neither theologically required nor practically intelligent. I often said I wished I could draw editorial type cartoons. I wanted to draw a picture of an Afrikan man, father, husband brainwashed by Eurocentrism into thinking he HAD to be a martyr to the evil and the violent, dying and getting to the symbolic gates with St. Peter and hearing God’s voice booming “Fool, what you doing here? ” “Well, Lord a man came to kill me and my family and he succeeded.” “And what did you do to impede him?” “Nothing.” So I told you to love your wife as I love the church, to raise your children, and to protect them and died a mortal death so you could LIVE and you did absolutely nothing to defend any of those things OR my sacrifice?” “Yes, that is correct. I was focused on receiving my eternal reward.” “Peter, show the man his reward.” (Trap door opens..insert flames and sounds of screaming as man descends.) “Even with all time in my hand, I ain’t got time for that. Next.”

Neither Afrikan people, nor any other oppressed people of the earth, were created by God and sent on this mortal plane merely to be martyrs for Eurocentric systems of power. Period. To argue that, either directly or indirectly through a slave theology that says that they cannot morally or otherwise resist such evils, when they must to survive, is beneath contempt, non-scriptural, and a lie unto hell itself.

And an INTENTIONAL one, introduced into Protestant theology during the enslavement period by those who enslaved and intended to continue doing so, who were already outside of the faith, the moral law, and the realm of Christ. They taught the principle of defenselessness to the slaves, while teaching the theology of moral defense to themselves and their children. They taught the slave that the slave was to be obedient to the system of oppression, while teaching their own children that God required resistance to evil. They then trained a generation of clerics to move among Afrikan people and others who were oppressed with this false teaching. God however, had other plans and periodically interrupted their efforts with Christians like the abolitionists, like Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, John Brown, Toussaint L’ Overture, Haile Selassie, Marcus Garvey, Rev Shuttlesworth, and a host of others who realized by force of the Holy Spirit that there had been a cruel trick done, not for the service of Christ, but for the service of slavery, imperialism, and colonialism. There is nothing wrong with being a martyr if God tells you that you are sent for martyrdom for justice, but the idea that martyrdom is required to be Afrikan and Christian is a scam. We have one martyr who died so we do not have to be anymore. Eurocentric Christians by the way, the non-Afrikan ones, know this and if you don’t believe it, challenge their families and their homes and their lives in the South and the West. You may not SURVIVE their defenses. Meanwhile the Afrikan and many others have been taught to wait for death and accept THAT as the will of a God who says I came so that you will have life in abundance. RUBBISH.


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