Police Brutality: ENOUGH ALREADY!

These officers don’t need more training, they need punishment. When you act like a beast among human beings, you should be caged like one until you recover and the state has no problem jailing our people and punishing them when they have done little or nothing. We have addicts in jail who are sick. But yet when it comes to an officer trained to defend people who can’t stop choking them to death, shooting them, or electrocuting them, you say TRAINING. To HELL with that. What you need to do is to treat them as you treat other murderers and torturers. Fire them. Bar them from any military or law enforcement. Take their pensions. Put them in jail for life. When they know that will surely be their fate, the ones who are not truly psychotic or psychopathic will stop. The reason this keeps happening is that there are no consequences. You do an investigation and you either lie and say murder was justifiable on the grounds that the person deserved it ( a lot like the old you were raped because of your clothes rubbish) OR you find them guilty and give them some laughable minor penalty and let them come back into policing somewhere else. Just like the priests who were molesting children. You don’t get a second offense and a third problem if you effectively deal with the first one. The punishment system for these police gang members should be racketeering level,  just like you made it for our youth. If you can jail my child at 16 for life because he joins a gang, then jail these armed thugs in blue with the same malice and just like their victims, they should never see daylight again. It’s no revenge because no punishment will bring their victims back, but they should never be able to hurt another citizen again and if that is good enough of a standard for me, it should be the standard for them. When people began to kill cops, they immediately raised the penalties. No matter how many Afrikans and Latinos and indigenous people they slaughter, we keep coming back to “training”, rather than a jail cell or a mental ward where they belong and hell where they will end up as a result of such evil.

If I were to shoot a law enforcement officer would they say, oh Imani just needs more training? Would I still keep my job and get a pension? They kick students out of school and all educational opportunities permanently in some systems for one joint and you mean to tell me the best we can come up with officers sworn to defend citizens who KILL them is some training? I reiterate my call for community based militias for oppressed people to act as a deterrent for those inside and out who have turned our communities into death zones. The cost for the destruction of Afrikan life must be raised above zero and presidential statements and platitudes are useless when we must collect and dispose of dead bodies. . It is PAST time.

I don’t need ANOTHER dead Afrikan to remind me that the game in Eurocentrism is called “try to stay alive”. We’ve been forced to play it since we were brought into this reality.

Police brutality is the not the result of one wayward officer after another, but the overall system of Eurocentrism promoting Afrikan death and the death of other oppressed people at home and abroad, and it is time that we as a people deal with that system and replace permanently and irrevocably those leaders who cannot or will not (mostly because they are beholden to it).

here are in my mind four essential conditions for any future for the law enforcement agencies in this society as it relates to Afrikan people and communities. Otherwise, the people will be compelled to begin taking the law into their own hands and defend themselves against the law and bloodshed in the interests of neither the state nor the people is likely to be the result. (1) The structure of penalties faced by officers found guilty of crimes against citizens must be made the exact same as those that would be faced by a citizen who committed them, and particularly committed against a duly sworn officer of the law performing his or her duty, (2) Officers suspected of crimes against citizens must be completely removed from duty until the conclusion of the investigation and immediately fired if found guilty or culpable and permanently barred from ANY position associated with law enforcement , military, or private or public security activities, their ranks stripped with their pensions being limited to any amount that accrued before that finding. (3) When sentenced to jail time, which should ALWAYS be required, officers should be confined to the general population and given no special dispensations as it relates to correctional accommodations, and no opportunity for parole or time reduction and (4) Any such crime should automatically be federal and there should be an associated federal statute against any duly sworn officer of the law engaging in crimes against citizens. This seems to me to the minimum. The current problem is that most of these crimes go unpunished and if they are punished they are punished with minimum penalties and with the capacity of police unions to mitigate the economic and other punitive effects.


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