the Legacy of marcus mosiah garvey

We don’t have this kind of leader today. If we did, our sons would not so easily be gunned down in the streets. True leadership must begin with faith in God (so much of the movement now is anti-God), it must then follow with a true statement of the problem. That is the key of Garvey. Unlike all the Negro leadership that was to follow, paid for by the enemies of Afrikan people and still paid for by them, he spoke that while Eurocentrism and white supremacy and plutocratic and imperialist capital accumulation and all the other systems of oppression were clearly evident, that the power of God and the people was greater than those things and their evils. The central problem for the Afrika was not her enemies, but her non-response to their attacks due in turn to a lack of confidence in her own abilities to do so, partially induced by Eurocentric socialization and miseducation, and partially by physical repression which drives fear. The model for his life was Christ. He argued that Christ was the martyr example for how the righteous man should live and he set himself to try to be the example for how the political, socially, and economically conscious Afrikan should live. He did not talk about building. He built. He created a newspaper, a global newspaper. He created a military force. He created a hospital with doctors and nurses staffing it. And on and on. He would study the needs of the people and understood that leadership was assigned, not to negotiate and beg from power, but to use the power of the people to build structures and institutions to meet their need. Even his followers and many of the organizations that claim him were not courageous enough to follow him. Like those who claim King and X and so many others who came after, they want the mantles of association and the recognition without the life threatening struggle for humanity. Today is not a day for merely venerating his life and words. My ancestor calls me to tell you to finish his work. His work was not about a dream, or some integration into someone else’s worldview, but a reality in which Afrikans build, work, and succeed for themselves in common and in peace with the rest of humanity. He argued that the latter peace could not come until kujichagulia came and that those who began a “negotiation” with the system with nothing, thinking themselves nothing and capable of nothing, would negotiate AS beggars and end up with a beggars or perhaps a Faustian bargain. Garvey is not truly dead, but merely sleeping for the time allotted as we all must. My question to the Afrikan on his honored behalf is why are YOU sleeping? Your work, unlike his, is not done. The grave has not yet summoned you, although it will one day and sooner rather than later if you do not take advantage of the work that must be done for yourself in the light of day. As Christ calls to the spirit of Lazarus, those who lay in tombs prepared for them that are not truly for them in God’s will, so too Garvey calls to the Afrikan, Wake up! Stand up! You are not dead, though others think you to be, though you perhaps think yourself to be. Your families, your nations, your businesses, your homes, your schools, these need your hand and only your hand in God’s hand will make them be and sustain them for you, for your children, for your children’s children. The whirlwind is at hand. Come brother, come sister let us one..on one accord and be witnesses for our history and worthy of be witness for God and the Lord and be worthy of our Father who has sent us forth. For our good, and for the good of all the world, for until mother is made well, her children, the children of all the world, will lack.


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