On The True Nature of “Peaceful” People’s Progress

“When you find yourself in the same place doing the same thing with the same people involved on the same campaign, it means you have not truly evolved from where you started when you did it the first time.

You might reasonably conclude that doing the same thing with the same people in the same places concerning the same matters repeatedly is not an effective or intelligent strategy, since you are having to do it again.

The only march that a true Afrikan leader should want to lead is the March Towards Collective Intelligence. It leads not to some spatial location in Eurocentric society or some location of a white supremacist act where you beg for state action or crumbs from a would-be master’s table, but rather to the collective doing different things for itself and its own interests, different from those in the past, with different leaders than those in the past, with the objective of building structures and institutions for themselves and towards a new future.

Peace REQUIRES justice and justice, for and among a people in a context of oppression and repression requires a strategy and tactic of judicious action BY those people themselves on behalf of their interests.

The litmus test for justice in respect to a particular matter for the people is that they should not STILL be suffering when it is allegedly obtained. If their suffering with the particular matter persists, it is because justice in that matter has not been achieved. And that means there has been a strategic and tactical failure among the leadership and that leadership should be replaced by those with new ideas.


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