The Extra Step Required

In the Afrikan tradition it is not enough to merely present a source of information when the people have limited knowledge and are oppressed. I agree that people should and must ultimately read or come to know for themselves, but the spiritual consciousness of the masses of our people now is such that you have to encourage them by telling them WHY what you want them to read is WORTH reading. Those of us in academics know well that even saying that reading is required and assigned, does not mean everyone is going to do it. That’s even more true with spiritual or historical and cultural reading because it has to be interpreted by the Spirit within the reader and often convicts their behavior and thoughts and actions. People often collect lots of quotes and cites and disseminate them sincerely, but without context, among a suffering people, those are useless maybe worse than that because for some they never get past the surface to the depth understand. I will never do the search for you, but I do and must extend the invitation and the invitation must contain enough information to be attractive to your consciousness.

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