Before You Judge

Every time I run into the judgmental Christian crew, I go back to the time when the self-proclaimed holy brought before the Lord the adulteress, who by all estimates was guilty of the sin and they threw her before Him for judgment, which they hoped and believed would be her death. The Lord, who had the authority of the judgment turned and implicitly said yes she’s guilty, yes the wages of sin is death, BUT which of YOU is innocent enough to judge her and execute that sentence? The answer of course was NONE, something they would all have known had they understood the scripture and in fact, they would never have disrespected the Lord by coming before Him with that spirit of judgment and arrogance. NONE is good but the Father, ALL have fallen short of the glory of God. There are not exceptions to that. That is why insisting that you be judged by God on the basis of my personal judgment of you, whatever it happens to be, is inherently hypocritical, for I could not even stand to be judged by Him according to the standard I set for you (judge ye not lest ye be judged by the judgment ye shall judge). The God who pardoned an armed robber at the cross is not going to condemn anyone to hell for a piercing or save anyone from it because they don’t have one. We are not saved by what we do, or how we dress, or what we say, or how we walk and talk or even by simply being good and socially deserving, at least not in Christian theology. We were and are saved by accepting a gift of God that we did NOT and do not still deserve. That other stuff is hell-bound Pharisee talk.THEY believed that by dressing, talking, acting, tithing, and doing all the “right” things in the eyes of the world they were made righteous and could and should look down morally on others. The Lord made a mockery of them and their belief of that foolishness by illustrating in parable that even the Samaritans, whom they thought most wicked, could be THEIR model for moral compassion (i.e.the Good Samaritan). God is not a respecter of person, nor of bodies, but looks upon the heart which reflects upon the character of the soul.


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