Ignorance is Not the Problem

I can deal with ignorance. Ignorance is merely not knowing and we are all, at some time and with respect to something, ignorant. God appointed me to teach and train those who know not, so ignorance is a teaching and learning opportunity. It is stupidity and foolishness that I cannot countenance. And human bigotry and prejudice have always struck me as two of the absolute stupidest and most foolish things ever.

Bigotry and prejudice are often associated causally with ignorance as if people automatically would not be bigoted or prejudice if they knew certain stuff or knew more stuff. I reject that idea. Those who are bigoted and prejudiced know at least, that the object of their bigotry and prejudice are fellow human beings and as human beings themselves they ALSO know how THEY wish to be treated, with respect and dignity and how they wish to be given all the social opportunities and benefits that any other human being in their society has. Therefore they know that their denial of those things to other people or their campaign to HAVE them denied is antihuman. So while the bigoted and prejudiced may be ignorant of some things, as we all are, of the intentional negative consequences of their attack on other human beings they can claim no such ignorance. The attack of a human being upon the humanity of another is therefore foolish and stupid for in it, there is an undermining of all humanity, including that of the perpetrators.


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