The Advent of the Good From Beyond the World

The Eurocentric, platonic material world is focused on money, power, greed, control, and domination. Those things lead to base results for individuals and for the world as a whole. The good that is, is given presence when people go BEYOND the thought of that world and allow their innate, spiritual selves to rule over the dictates of the flesh in their thought and action.. Love, sympathy, empathy, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, all of these seem at best counterintuitive, if not suicidal in the context of the goal of glorification of one’s ego through material acquisition.

That which is of true and transcendent value and therefore worth having must be struggled for in a Eurocentric reality which focuses the mind and spirit on the temporal, the fleeting, the popular (as opposed to the true) , and the momentarily titillating.

It would be absolutely impossible for spiritual elevation to be EASILY attainable in a Eurocentric world and global mindset where people are socialized and oriented not only in favor of an emphasis on and preference for the material, but to the idea that the spiritual doesn’t even exist or matter in the scheme of things.


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