A REAL man NEVER physically or sexually abuses a woman or a child. Period. One who does, without some confirmed evidence of mental illness, can NEVER truly thereafter convince me, that he IS in fact a man or that he even truly understands what divine manhood is, regardless of his age, occupation, or the nature of his arguments to that effect. Period. Nor thereafter can he convince me that he should have any standing position of leadership in our community or status as some “role model” for men OR women. Period. We should consciously and openly PURGE from our leadership ranks and any position of prominence those who physically and sexually assault women and children. Period. If you allow such moral depravity at the highest levels of any community, it will engender a tolerance for it throughout the social fabric and the abuse of women and children is the abuse of our collective future and all the potential latent within that future. I can tolerate mistakes, ignorance, disrespect, offensive language, because these can be corrected without necessarily inflicting permanent damage, but the line must be drawn at physical violence against those who are vulnerable and who by REAL men should be and MUST be protected and nurtured as the literal future or the present and potential mothers of it.

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