Remembering what’s really important

While I am not “rich” and do not strive to be, God provides for all the things I need and I do not need to sell my soul or risk His wrath to do so and neither does anyone else have that necessity. Simply making money or being wealthy does not justify any kind of ethical behavior and within traditional Afrikan cultures, selling out your own people in order to make money was not historically viewed …as either (a) acceptable or (b) “all that matters.” To justify that kind of conduct is not only morally wrong, but also runs the risk of justifying ANYTHING for the love and accumulation of money and if you look at our people that is the number source of our problem. For money our leaders will sell us out to our enemies. For money, our entertainers will promote death and decadence among our youth. For money, corporations will despoil our resources and sell us products that destroy us. For money, drug dealers will sell deadly poisons to their own. For the lack of money, millions face war and starvation and death. We once believed, before we were cognitively enslaved and colonized, that there WERE more important things than money in life, chief among them life itself. How far we have fallen. How great the distance we have descended and until we return to our value systems and leave theirs, they will control us because we will sell our lives, losing them, to chase their money. And if you think all the monetary wealth you amass in Eurocentrism is yours, realize that the money you so accumulate is expended within an economic machinery that you do NOT own or control. “Money” is just made to appear to be ours so that we can admire those who accumulate it and so they can continue to exploit us on behalf of the system. We desperately need to come to understand that control of material assets is true wealth not money. Money can only be used to pay those or borrow from those who control real wealth and thereby give it to us. I would much rather have the ownership of the stock of the company and of the raw materials that make the Benz rather than the disposable car that is the Benz itself or the dollars used to initiate the contract that let’s you drive it off the lot.


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