Principle of Patience

Those whom God loves, He compels towards patience in waiting for Him to act. There is the scripture Wait on the Lord and similarly Be still and KNOW that I AM God. Of late, I have been confronted with a number of intolerable situations, at least I saw them that way, and in the midst of my dealing with them, I felt compelled to act. Again and again, through the words of other believers, and just not having certain things be able to take place, God thwarted my personal will to act, inserting instead a renewed exhortation to fortify my faith that, as the old spiritual says, HE will fix it. In His time and in His way. So what I share with fellow believers, by way of my own testimony, is that waiting on the Lord is not just a good idea or the best idea, but if you try to rush, sometimes the Lord out of His love for you and desire to protect you, will place obstacles in your way that will compel your patience, build your faith, and confirm your spiritual knowledge that He runs this. Thank you Lord again for the work you have begun in me and which you shall finish for your glory.


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