Ma’at in Pan-Afrikan Perspective

I have deep problems with a lot of Afrikan governments. Some are Western puppet regimes, some are colonialist themselves with regard to the continent and their neighbors, some slaughter political enemies, some practice ethnic genocide or something close, some just rob their own people blind through corruption and graft and on and on. I am aware of all of this. The task of a Pan-Africanist though, is that while he or she condemns and must condemn oppression and wrong, they must also seek to provide encouragement to the people and inspire them to take advantage of their collective power to change the things that are wrong.

I believe they can change things and make them better for themselves and their neighbors and I want to let them know that they have love and a willingness to support from me and similar brothers and sisters around the world who want to see that happen.

So just as I can and do condemn the wrong our states do, I also look for moments to remind the masses of the people of how we all felt at the moment of FORMAL European decolonization that we might be inspired on to the necessary institutional and mental decolonization going forward.

I encourage ALL Afrikans wherever they are because I am not speaking for any particular political faction or party or ethnicity or government, but rather to all of us to rise up and exercise our right to self-determination for our collective good wherever we are.

My call is always to Afrikan people not these states, most of which were constructed by and inherited from our oppressors and therefore do not in general optimally serve our needs anyway.


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