The Sorry State of the “Movement”

The state of Afrikan activism due to lack of leadership. Let’s say you are overweight. Obviously the way you change that is you change your diet eating less or less portions or something like that while monitoring your exercise and maybe even taking some pills to help you with appetite. Perhaps its genetic or a larger health problem and you need surgery or some other adjustment. The point is that when overweight the targets are the factors that caused the weight gain. The goal is to deal with the targets and solve the problem. In the absence of any real leadership Afrkan people now confront problems differently. Let’s say you’re overweight again. But this time, you decide instead of eating less or exercising or any thing like that, you just throw a rock in your neighbor’s yard and march around his house with a sign. Like the other approach, it does involving DOING something, but the problem is that what you are DOING is not affecting the causes of the problem and therefore will not solve the problem. You might end up with lots of rocks in your neighbor’s yard, pissing off your neighbor, but you are not likely to lose much, if any, weight. So now you got a neighbor pissed off and the same problem you had to begin with. This is why marching, sit-ins, and boycotts where you plan to go back afterwards are ineffective. They respond to problems with measures that require your work and resources, but are not targeted at addressing the real causes.


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