A Poem for Raashanai (My Girl)- Death By Parental Abuse

I wept today for my girl. Well, she wasn’t my girl, but then she was, because she was all of ours. And before she was ours, she was God’s who gave her to us. She was not really unique, but then she was. She was nobody, but everybody. Every girl is her twin. She’s just like everybody’s else’s..girl. She just wanted love and to play and to be cared for and nurtured and maybe have girls of her own someday like other girls, like every girl, like every woman who was ever a girl, someone’s girl. But I lost my girl, she went away. Well, they took her away. I guess we SENT her away. My girl, your girl, our girl. She’s gone and I can’t see her exactly but then I do. She’s STILL my girl and your girl and all those other girls we got and they need the same thing and her spirit tells me if you don’t want to lose your girl, you have to take care of your girl. Cause if you want your own girl, you got to have a girl and care for her so she becomes the woman who has the girl. I miss my girl. Today and every day. I wept and will weep more for my girl. My girl was my life, she is my life, she is all life. At least she went to the one who is also all life. I see my girl everyday, cause her face shows up on the faces of all these girls. Maybe I can love THEM, maybe I can care for them and they can become women who have girls and boys who grow up to be men and women who love girls (and boys too!) And I bet some of those girls will be just like my girl, Raashanai.


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