In Defense of Defense of the People

The necessity and right of a people to defend itself and its interests is already established within the learned base of experiential knowledge of all people throughout time and is not subject to a particular character of people and is therefore similarly necessary and right for Afrikans collectively. This is neither a call to rioting nor vigilantism, but collective self-defense and only a leadership tending to cowardice, ignorance, or purchased by those who make the community victim, would continue to completely ignore its necessity and the need for its implementation in some form in the face of the present circumstances and with the stated intent of protecting Afrikan lives, property, and institutions.

And collective self defense, for the uninitiated is NOT a bunch of people walking around with guns. Nor does “collective” mean simply more than one person or a set of individuals in the same place and time, THAT does not make a collective. A collective must have collective training, collective leadership, collective operating procedures, collective coordination, collective financing and a collective agenda.

Similarly, collective self-defense would not center around guns. Certainly guns are tools that must and would be part of its arsenal, but a true collective-defense mechanism would and should have the widest possible array of training and tools in avoiding and defusing personal confrontation and managing communal disputes peaceably, since the primary goal would and must be preventing the need or perceived need for the external law enforcement structures of the neocolonial power to enter our communities with a license to kill.


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