Violence Against Women in the NFL and Elsewhere

The US core culture is a core culture of violence. That includes violence against women. Sports, particularly football, are based on masculine domination of opponents, creating a psychology of psychopathy towards the football and the one who possesses it and is arrayed against you on the feel. You go to war, just like a soldier on that field and you pay any cost physical or mental to win. Many die and are harmed as we now know from the evidence in court on concussions and brain injuries, but all of these are seen like veteran’s injuries, the price you have to pay and like veteran’s you develop a kind of PGSD Post game stress disorder which can lead to violence and paranoia, most often against women and children in your vicinity. And all of this makes unbelievable amounts of money and is tied to the psychopathic identity of the “fan.” Certainly I like sports but I am not fanatical about them. Many are and its those people that drive the billions and the billionaires. And so you have to way the protection of women, against everything that is considered good and right and noble in the Eurocentric world. The outcome of that was decided in this culture long ago. This is just the announcement. As a battered NFL wife in one interview said, one of the wives or girlfriends would have to die before anyone says anything. I am even more cynical. I think some have ALREADY and more will and that, because of the money and the ideological spirit of the Eurocentric Roman gladiators packing into the Sunday Colosseum, that not even their martyrdom will make a difference.


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