When You Really Get Hungry

I always say that I am too TIRED to be marching around Eurocentric power centers begging for justice. In order to be a revolutionary you must be TIRED of something. I am waiting for us to get collectively TIRED. The kind of TIRED Fannie Lou Hamer mentioned as in being “sick and tired of BEING sick and tired” which collectively animated us during the 60s domestically and internationally. Because I find that UNTIL you get tired doing nothing or just going along with “symbolic acts” that are doing something that will amount to nothing will satisfy your cravings for justice. But when we get TIRED, TRULY tired, then we will truly demand something among ourselves stop the oppression and recognize that we cannot ask the system that engenders the problem to stop it and expect it to be either willing or capable.

You know how you get a LITTLE hungry? If you get something to eat, it’s fine, if not, you can hold out. And if you do eat, you can just grab something (anything pretty much). But then do you know how different that is when you get HOWNGRY? See then, playtime is over. You got to eat and you looking at everybody around you who in ANY way impeding the eating process with that look like…you gots 5 minutes before I get ugly. And any old meal ain’t gone do. Someone hands you a cookie and you be like, what’s that? You better bring me some real food and stop playing. I pray soon we get HOWNGRY! cause watching all this going through the motions in the kitchen has got this brother “STARVING like Marvin”.


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