Stuck on a Dark Road

Want to share another testimony of the Lord working in my life. I recently drove to Kansas City to attend a concert. Those who know the highway path direct from Omaha to KC know that gas stations are a feast or famine issue. You get little clumps of them near some scattered small towns and then miles of nothing. On my return trip, the gas hand got dangerously low. I decided I would get off the interstate, not wanting to suddenly get stuck there and pulled off unto a local highway. At the moment I asked the Lord for help, because obviously there was no gas station immediately where I was, it was the middle of the night (after midnight), I’m in rural Nebraska. I could try staying a bit longer on the interstate and run the risk of being stuck there. I could try staying on the side road but the risk there was any private station I found would likely be closed. Or I could camp until morning. Since it was a rental car, I did not have a gas can even. It’s right here that you can insert “but God”. Now whenever you insert “But God…” you have to assume that there must be faith beforehand because without faith and certainty of knowing that God IS and WILL, then when He does act, you might miss that blessing. I called my Lord and then…

A 18 wheeler tractor cab pulled up with bright lights behind me and a young Euro-American man jumped out. Now you have to know that this situation without faith, is not ideal. Dark, side road, rural Nebraska, cross “racial” scenario, 18 wheeler. unless I am certain of my God, I’m getting nervous here. But God told me I am your help. Get out! And so I jumped out to meet the young man. He asked me the problem. I said I’m running out of gas. He says well, you can ride with me and the other guys in the cab (whom I could not see) and we will take you to get some gas. I want to stop now and realize that this truck had just gotten off the highway at the same stop with no intention of going back. But they were willing to get back on and take me to a gas station. I said I did not have a gas can. He said we will buy you one.

So he told me the gas station was about two stops further on the main highway. I told him I think I have just enough gas to get there, but could you follow me to the station just to make sure? He said they would and so I followed them back on the highway and they led me to the stop, which I would not have recognized and would have passed were I not with them. The highway does not do a good job of marking all the gas stops. Some are open, some are closed, some are stops that used to have a gas station and so on. But they led me to the station. So I get there and I get ready to pump the gas and I’m thinking that they will just drive on off, so I wave to them (keep in mind I still had not seen the people he was riding with who had been led with him on this journey to help me). Sometimes God says it ain’t about the faces. But they stay a moment and he asks “do you have enough money to get the gas, if not we will pay it for you.” Now I had money for gas, but if I didn’t…

I told him “Today brother YOU were God’s angel sent to me during my time of need. God bless you and your friends for your kindness to me” and they drove off into the night. I filled my tank to the brim, got back on the highway, and I ain’t stop praising yet. See God wants you TELL somebody, not about you, but about Him. When He delivers you from your own bed of affliction, He doesn’t do so just for you, but for you to tell someone that THEY might be uplifted and encouraged and KNOW that there IS a God on duty. There might be some one right now within the sight of my words, who might have been travelling like I was, on a dark road somewhere, almost out of spiritual gas, not empty yet, but you don pulled off the highway and you wondering if you able to go on. You tried yo cell phone but you couldn’t get a connection. But thank God you got another connection that the airwaves can’t stop and so make the call. 911 may not be available, but John 3:16 has no waiting operators! “WHOSOEVER BELIVES shall not..” Let’s say that again “SHALL NOT..perish.” Made me think about if for a minute when the psalmist declared ” I have NEVER seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.” You might be on that road with no gas and help me Holy Ghost, no can FOR the gas. You might not be able to find your way. But God is coming! And when He comes He leads you back to the path. He restores yo tank, fills it up, pays the bill, and says DRIVE ON! I’m gone mess around and preach this morning..And along the way, tell somebody. I just was sent this morning to tell you..if you’ve run out on that dark road, just call triple A..AMAZING! Cause He is prepared to do exceedingly beyond your request such that you are SHOCKED. ALMIGHTY! Cause there are no limits to His power to heal the situations of life. And when you standing there amazed and you realize you have been in the presence of the Almighty, you can say with me He is ALIVE! In life and in yo life and in the life of every situation you speak His presence over and in the life of all for whom you pray the prayers of power and forgiveness and resurrection. Somebody, somewhere needs to hear this word today! And God sent me to deliver. Someone’s in prison of the heart, or the mind, or the soul today and God says Be thou delivered! Someone is stuck on the needle or the bottle. Be thou delivered! Some one is shackled with depression and poverty and misery, on this day, Be thou delivered! I’m praying those prayers for each one today and I KNOW. I didn’t say “I think” or “I plan” or “I hope”. I said I KNOW cause I met the man. Someone needs to feel stirred up today! Someone needs to be renewed and revived today! Somebody who didn’t git to church cause they couldn’t, ought to just have a little church by deyself, right now! Someone who didn’t get to church cause they mad at church folk and what be going on, ought to just have a little real church by deyself, right now where dey at! I’m just looking for ONE witness to praise with me and if there ain’t even one, there;s one right here. And if I can’t move my head, my eyes will praise. And if I can’t move my arms, I’m tapping my feet. But something here beyond the stones will cry out. And I will praise Him in the daylight hours. I will praise Him when the sun goes down. Cause He’s ABLE! He’s ABLE! He’s ABLE! I don’t KNOW what YO problem is, but I’m here to tell you, He’s ABLE! Let the choir sing now and I’m going just step away from the keyboard..but I can’t leave without telling you..I seen the rescue truck coming down the highway. The gas station is just a few more blocks away. Hang on! Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord! For you!


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