The Inevitable Resistance

There is a litmus test as to whether you are undertaking real revolutionary action on behalf of the people. If you are, 4 sources of resistance will arise: (a) the system you are fighting will resist because it recognizes the effectiveness or potential effectiveness of your strategy and the threat it represents to its maintenance of the oppressive status quo, (b) Those among your people who have been purchased by the system as “leaders” and “figureheads” will ultimately resist you because their legitimacy and relevance to their masters is compromised if they fail to impede your progress and they realize, if you succeed, they get exposed and deposed, (c) Those among your people who have been beat by the system into fear will refuse to join because they believe more in the power of the system than yours and their power to overthrow its oppression, and (d) Those among your people who have been brainwashed into thinking the system of oppression IS freedom will do likewise. If none of those arise, you’re not undertaking revolutionary action, you’re just “acting” and “actors” work for Oscars, not for the people.

If you wait until everyone agrees before acting for freedom, you will not act. If you have EVERYONE agreeing, then you are not committed to doing anything effective, because EFFECTIVE action generates resistance against it.


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