The Economic Plan Imperative

Anyone who understands global economic organization knows it is collective and those who run it make collective plans for their development and strategic and tactical interests. The failure to have collective economic plans and the making of excuses that defy common sense as to the need for one is why in the United States the Afrikan dollar stays in Afrikan hands for less than a half hour, actually almost a trillion of those dollars. In other communities, it stays almost a month. We cannot materially survive in the long term as a collective, without collective economic plans drawn up for our collective interests.

He or she who does not eat, does not develop otherwise because they must be perennially occupied with the goal of just surviving and most often, they will simply become slaves of circumstance to those who DO have leaders with collective economic plans and who likewise execute them for THEIR collective purposes. There are really but two positions on this symbolic and proverbial Monopoly board, the owner and the owned.

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