Too Much “Race” Talk, Too Little Afrikan ACTION!

Whether someone likes my skin color or not is IRRELEVANT ultimately to whether I am going to educate my children, clothe them, build housing and so on. Even those enslaved among our people knew the necessity to do those things. Those in segregation strove to do them despite the obstacles. It’s mostly this newly confused, assimilated, and brainwashed technoNegro of the present who doesn’t do these things and then drags out the “race” concept as if it is some explanation for his and her sloth.

Powerful people, or those who would be talk about the acquisition, use, and maintenance of power on behalf of their collective interest. Those who falsely have been conditioned to think they are powerless or relatively powerless instead talk about the people they have been taught ARE powerful and what THEY do, don’t do, and what they will or will not allow.

You cannot be said to impede me from doing something, if I’m not endeavoring to do anything in the first place. You cannot be said to be robbing me if I am voluntarily walking around giving you my money freely. You cannot be said to be holding me hostage, if I am choosing perpetually to stay in one place and never move. I have often said to all these Afrikans who talk about what they are not ALLOWED to do, that I would wish that they would actually try DOING the things they say they WILL NOT be allowed to do. That alone would quadruple the actual work being done, and they would find a lot of it would actually succeed because most of the people they fear are not even thinking about impeding them. Some of those people would actually paradoxically like to see them do it! They can’t see that reality now because they are sitting on their hands developing rationales for doing so and calling that activism.

If you have no plan of action in the first place, considerations of leadership and leadership accountability become moot issues since there can be no expectations of action where there has never been a plan for action and therefore, there in turn, can be no assessment of the quality and character of leadership where no action has taken place.


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