The Opposite of Opposition

Afrikans don’t believe that what you experience is relative opposites but actually part of a continuum. “Hot” for example, is not really the “opposite” of “cold”, if you understand physics but the Eurocentric educational process teaches you to understand it that way, and thereby limits your knowledge and cognition. One can transition almost instantly from freezing cold to boiling hot at the same physical moment, given a set of specific conditions. Those who can contemplate THAT can become theoretical physicists. Those stuck on the oppositional thinking will forever be reading and reacting to the physics knowledge of those who can.

In Eurocentric philosophy, what is called knowledge emerges at the moment of contradiction between presumed opposites. However, we can contemplate the error of that system of thought by simply contemplating life itself. The moment a baby is conceived it is seen as coming into life. We are told death is the opposite and of course we fear death as the opposite of “being” which is said to be life. However, that which comes into life is also beginning the process of death. At the moment of new life, cells begin dying and thus we are living AND dying simultaneously. Easy to understand if you don’t juxtapose life and death as antagonistic opposites and hopefully, we do not all have to die to understand life.

Eurocentric philosophy is a philosophy of this or that, Afrikan classical philosophy is a philosophy of “and’ and “both.”

Even in ancient Greece Plato had envisioned the universe as a set of fundamental oppositions between subjects and objects and in many ways, that is what so marks Greco-Roman philosophy as fundamentally at odds with classical Afrikan theosophy.


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