The Love of God. Just Like Riding A Bike

If a person was hesitant to learn how to ride a bike, they know that ultimately that learning process is going to involve them just getting on a bike and giving it a try and not just once, but pressing through and making a long term effort to develop the skill or the habit of riding. I tend to say the same thing about building a relationship with God. I can say nothing more powerful to persuade or train anyone about faith in Him then try Him. I can share my testimony, my experience, but ultimately that is like me talking about how much fun I had on my bike and how I ride. If you want to experience riding, YOU have to ride and the challenge I give you is just get on board. You are not, probably, going magically ride perfectly the first time, but the best way to learn to get on is to get on and ride the best way you can. The difference is that the bike and physics won’t help you if you make a mistake. God will. See, the bike itself does not care if you learn to ride. But God and the ancestral spirits want you to learn to live well and eternally well and therefore as you get on, and maybe stumble a bit, He and those angels will aid you. I grew up in the church, but I really didn’t have my own faith experience until I ended up in a very negative situation where I could have died or killed someone. I truly needed God’s help. I had heard about Him, read about Him, even seen some of His work in other’s lives, but I didn’t really know Him personally. So I said the only thing I knew how. God, I believe you’re out there. I don’t understand why and I don’t know what I don’t know. But I do know I need help and I have no one else and they say you can help me. Please. If you’re there Help me. And from that very moment, the spirit came and ministered to me and my life has never been the same. So I think it’s less important what you say, or why you say it, but that you just open your inner voice and say I seek your presence and want to feel your love. And then watch God work. And the secret is I think the reason you would have the question is because God is within you and has already sanctified you for His purpose and given you the desire to seek Him.


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