You don’t hear me doe…

IF “Black” lives matter let’s make them EXPENSIVE..COSTLY by organizing communal defense units to defend them. If “Black” dollars matter let’s make them difficult to earn and take away from the community by investing in our own economic enterprises. If “Black” communities matter, let’s make them safe for those who live in them and threatening and deterrent to those who would harm them. If “Black” churches matter let’s have them stop promoting the worship of “whiteness”, “white” heavens, “white” Jesuses, “white” angels, and “white” people. No apologies, because such is a blasphemy to the Lord. The Lord, unlike the theologies of Eurocentric Christianity, is no respecter of persons. We must see God and the divine in ourselves AS WELL AS in others. If “Black schools matter,” let’s stop teaching that the purpose of Afrikan life is integration and assimilation and instead kujichagulia and insist that they train our children with the skills designed to play roles in their own communities as social entrepreneurs and leaders, not just get a job in someone else’s world and worldview. I could go on, but as we say in the hood, “you don’t hear me doe.”


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