Economic Development Imperative

Every time an Afrikan talks about developing their own community and businesses, there is some Euro-American somewhere who wants to call them racist. Yet, every single day a majority of Euroamericans and frankly everyone else patronizes THEIR businesses which provide them with money, jobs, and development. And nobody accuses them of being “racist” for doing so. This is a trick and an argument that has no factual credibility. No one is saying to Afrikans not to patronize businesses in external communities, but the reality right now is that Afrikan people put their money almost everywhere else but in their OWN communities and if they want to survive they must halt that practice. We have to ignore people who have a problem with that because they are just hypocrites who don’t want us to develop and want us depend on them. They fear what would happen if we actually got a clue and built an economic base. Eurocentric liberals who try to run this “reverse racism” trope are not real allies.

This is a problem of integrationism, an ideology, which injures Afrikans and Euroamericans. Euroamericans were miseducated by the civil rights movement into believing that Afrikan social advancement MUST rely on them and their social programs and direction. It confirms their illusion of superiority. They therefore see Afrikans doing anything for themselves as a threat to progress because the presumption is that all progress must come through their hands. So while any development program that directs Afrikans to mainstream institutions is okay, even if it’s an abject failure, the minute you start talking about self-development, someone wants to complain. You even get Afrikans who agree with this foolishness because of their own socialization. The reality is that until Afrikans invest in their own economic infrastructure they will remain beggars in a land of plenty. Every single demographic group in US history which has made economic progress began with an ethnic base and expanded out into the larger economy. Afrikans during segregation, despite the exclusion, had more economic wealth and power. In fact, that is the reason the civil rights movement was possible. Afrikans could finance their organizations and infrastructure. When they bought into the scam that converted desegregation into integration, they lost everything and today produce almost none of what they consume and have their place near the bottom of collective economic achievement. The argument between Du Bois and Washington has been settled and contrary to popular reports, Washington won. He said if you get political and civil rights with no economic base you would end up being a disrespected, poor, landless people in a place of wealth. Welcome.

It is not racist to develop economic enterprises and infrastructure in your own community. That has been done by every single US group. European immigrants like the Germans, the Italians, the Irish all built their own businesses and still have them and linked them to the larger economic structure. Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese did the same. In fact, there has never been any group that has ever seen any major advancement in the US in terms of economics and the larger economy without an ethnic economic base of their own. Latinos are currently building that base. The two groups at the bottom of the economic ladder are indigenous people and Afrikans. Why? Because their own economic development was thwarted. Afrikan businesses and farms were burned to the ground, firebombed, and laws put in place to allow them no ownership and economic and social mobility. Afrikans owned more land and property and had more collective wealth even in the middle of segregation than they do today. Desegregation was fine, but there developed an ideology called integrationism which encouraged Afrikans to embrace an economic model that was based on giving all of their money to others. As a result, Afrikans have an economy largely based on begging, borrowing, and black market with very high unemployment. In the US plutocratic economy, you must have your own base before engaging the larger economy or it will simply take resources out and put none in. Anyone who wants to advance Afrikan economic development must support Afrikans building the same structures everyone else has and needs and the idea that them doing what everyone else did and is doing now is “racist” is nonsensical.

Afrikan people used to have an economic base and were making progress and they need to rebuild it. That’s not anti-anybody, it’s just common sense. Euroamerican businesses will always have Afrikan patronage in a majority Euroamerican country. But if Afrikan people do not patronize their own businesses, those will not survive and the community cannot survive as only consumers and expect to have jobs and economic resources over the long term. People who argue against that are like people who want you to play Monopoly with them, with them having all the property cards and you just going round the board passing go. The odds are you will end up broke, in jail, taxed, and paying rent in perpetuity and that’s where we are currently.


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