The Economic Imperative Continued

Nowhere do I say or imply that Euro-Americans, or anyone else, cannot patronize Afrikan businesses, but statistically they generally choose not to and don’t. Therefore, Afrikan businesses CANNOT rely on that for survival and WE cannot economically survive without any businesses or economic infrastructure of our own. There really is no way around that, if you understand how economics is and has always been built in the US. Why that bothers Euro-Americans who HAVE a base, I do not understand and why some Afrikans would speak or campaign AGAINST us economically surviving with what works, I have no clue.

Nor did I say that we should go to Afrikan businesses merely as a response to anything, in fact, I have been working on this for more than 2 decades, so I don’t say pursue this as a moment, I say pursue it as a cultural imperative and survival tactic. We knew this before we got sidetracked into integrationism and we had leaders who understood it before that period as well. Washington, Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, Paul Robeson, even King all argued that we had to build an economic base. But the post 1960s crew came up with this model that says we could rely on government handouts, loans, and other type stuff and expect to develop. That was nonsense then, it’s nonsense now and it has led to us being worse off economically in 2014 collectively than we were in 1958. Same thing at home. In Afrika, we pursed that foreign aid, world bank loans thing and we ended up largely broke there. In capitalism, you must acquire and maintain capital of your own to get capital. Economic activity that is disposable or based on state or private charity is not development. If we cannot create jobs for ourselves, we will have high unemployment. If we don’t acquire land, we will rent and have high homelessness. If we do not provide for our food, health care, security and such things, we will not have them and it is no one else’s responsibility to do that for us. We can and should and must do it for ourselves. It’s just the truth and the fact that we have to worry about how this effects various others who HAVE an economic base every time we’re trying to get it going, is a result of our cognitive enslavement that makes the interests and ideologies of others more important than our own.

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