The “Negro Please” Economic Moment

According to Federation of Southern Cooperatives Land Report the early 20th century was our zenith in terms of land ownership at almost 20 million acres. Almost one acre of land for every Afrikan person. Today that number is roughly 7.7 million acres (or 0.0033% of America’s land) spread across the ownership of only 68,000 Afrikan landowners! Only 68,000 of tens of millions! To put this in perspective Land Report Magazine says the top 5 (that’s 5 individual people) landowners own 7.8 million acres combined. I really want you to understand that 5 individual Euro-American people own more land than all Afrikans combined and that our land ownership has fallen by around 60% SINCE INTEGRATION. Ted Turner owns 2 million acres by himself. And when was the last time, one of these Negroes’ leaders said anything about what is happening to our land? Exactly. We should prepare them a plot in the little bit we have left and call it the Progress Cemetery.

In 2013 Afrikans spent $1.2 TRILLION dollars, yet 87% of Afrikan businesses made less than $50,000 in receipts! Notice I said RECEIPTS, not profit. So that’s before taxes and labor costs. You got fools who tell me that’s that’s a model we should SUSTAIN and “sensitive” liberals who tell me they have a problem with me saying we should redirect more of the 1.2 to the 87. I want you to think about your nearest Afrikan community and its current environmental, social, and economic condition. THEN I want you to think about that same community with just 10% of 1.2 trillion dollars going to it, rather than outside. THEN you know why the folks taking our cash have a problem with what I am saying. They can take their “problems” and put them somewhere and I’ll be happy to share some creative thoughts on alternative storage locales.

Nothing but facts today cause I’m tired of the ignorance. Check this. Ready. 64% of employees in Afrikan businesses are Afrikan. Afrikan businesses therefore HIRE AFRIKAN PEOPLE at a rate far beyond any other category of business or economic venture. The number one way to decrease Afrikan unemployment is to increase the profit and demand for Afrikan businesses. Using economic estimation models based on current hiring patterns, one can conclude that of the more than 2 million Afrikans currently unemployed, Afrikan businesses would likely hire more than 23% of them, that is close to a quarter of a million people. If you want a sure fire way to reduce Afrikan unemployment, redirect resources to Afrikan businesses. The same is true for almost every other social group. Its just that our community is currently led by traitors who actually discourage us from doing the things that enable us to survive economically and therefore, politically (since economics drives politics in a plutocracy) .


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