Not A Problem

I personally have never had a problem with Euro-Americans or Europeans loving their own people, building and developing their own communities, being proud of their history or taking care of their collective interests. I see nothing “racist” about that. For me, that is not only normal and wise, but scriptural. God created communities of nations and gave land to these and exhorted people to, in a moral and righteous way, to develop themselves. One is charged to respect stranger.s and give them comfort and respect as they pass through, but one is to care for his or her own. I have only in my lifetime been troubled by two things: (1) Those who in loving themselves, believe that that their love and concern and care and building and pride for their own necessitates the denigrate and oppression of others and (2) Afrikans, who because of their oppression at the hands of such people, believe that loving, building, having pride in, and taking care of THEIR own is some perversion of normalcy.


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