The Revolutionary Power of Love

A true revolutionary must be driven by love. In the case of a revolutionary for the people, it must be love for the people. It cannot be hate for them, or for that matter hate for anything. A revolutionary desires to build institutions which sustain the people and meet their needs. What they desire to build seeks to protect, educate, house, feed, clothe, and develop them. Love for the people generates the spiritual energy to create and is therefore a creative power. Hate for the people or for anyone or anything is destructive power. Destructive power is the power of tyrants, the prejudiced, and the abuser for they seek not to build, but to destroy and to intimidate. Ultimately, destructive power is not power at all, for when it has done it’s evil deeds, it can offer nothing going forward in terms of those sustaining institutions which must still be built. Hungry people are still hungry after a bomb falls. Therefore the power of the revolutionary must be creative, it must be love. Hate is the absence of love, therefore in an atmosphere of hate towards the people, the revolutionary must assert his or her love for the people ever more fervently and employ the creative energy to build, rather than to tear down. You cannot defeat Satan with Satanic power. He has more of it and is more skilled at using it than you.


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