The Vital Role of Strategy and Tactics

The critical element missing in Afrikan leadership is that of strategy and tactics. One might choose to battle with a sword. It is indeed a formidable instrument, but one which draws a great deal of attention, is easily detectable, requires a high level of training and skill to wield it to any effect, and generally only allows for one defining blow, Depending on the nature of the challenge, it might be more strategic to employ a small switchblade or pocket knife which while seemingly less powerful is relatively undetectable, requires only basic skill to employ effectively, is unnoticeable, and allows for multiple angles of attack. Strategically and tactically effective leadership would know the difference and train the people likewise.

A few thoughtful moves in checkers by ANY competent player and loss is guaranteed before the game is officially over. Yet it is possible in chess, with proper strategic education about the nature of the game, to place even the most advanced opponent in a position where the most that they will accomplish is stalemate.

We must move from initiate to ninja thought. An initiate attempts to use his or her own knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to prevail over a stronger opponent IN an encounter and generally fails miserably and this defeat is reproducible. A ninja attempts to use his or her knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the spiritual, mental, and physical capabilities and inclinations of his or her OPPONENT to engineer their own defeat of themselves before an encounter is necessary. If I become aware that you are going to race forward at me to strike me, I could certainly move into fight mode and prepare for physical confrontation. Alternatively, it might be wiser to just place a few strategic banana peels or an oil slick into your path of attack and watch.

We must move from initiate comprehension to ninja comprehension. The initiate says “guns don’t kill people, people do,” suggesting that the problem is simply how individuals choose to use the relevant technology or implement. The ninja says “guns don’t kill people, people who think that guns make them master(who are in that sense cognitive prisoners of their own possessions) do.” An initiate who walks into a unarmed situation involving an opponent with a gun automatically assumes that the holder of the gun has the advantage and governs themselves accordingly. The ninja knows that their opponent actually has a fatal DISADVANTAGE as a result of that very ASSUMPTION, and undermines it, destroying the will and confidence of the one wielding the gun “I am here. You have therefore not yet decided and now it’s too late…” By the time you finish that statement, the opponent should have been disarmed and potentially shot with his or her own gun.

An initiate is impressed and overcome with the mere presence and magnitude of power arrayed against them. A ninja knows that power is an Achilles heel, when it is arrayed in the absence of true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding concerning the nature and appropriate use of that power. A bomb is a weapon against me unless it becomes apparent that you don’t have a match. In that case, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will not be able to put Humpty Dummy back together again.


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