Police Brutality: Redefining the Problem and the Solution

Attacking police will not stop police brutality. Neither them nor their families, nor any individual. Nor will marching around. Police brutality is generated and sustained, condoned and supported, by a political and social system. That social system is evil and spiritually corrupt and it therefore corrupts the people, including the police, who are socialized within it. People are, like the alcoholic or addict, not existentially bad or flawed as children of God but “under the influence” of said corruption. Beating an alcoholic or jailing them or killing them does not cure alcoholism. Nor does marching around outside their house with signs calling them an alcoholic. Changing the social context that makes the person drink and the degree of access to alcohol does. The “home bar” has to go. You must counter the “influence”. Similarly, eliminating the bases and pretexts under which invading Eurocentric police forces come into and intervene into the lives of Afrikan men and our communities and minimizing these will confirm in the minds and spirits of the people that they can police themselves and in the minds of the system likewise, such that one will see police brutality decrease because the need for policing will decrease. In the absence of the change of the “influencing” factors which lead to police presence and intervention, the officers will come and if they come, some will kill. The officer who is not there or called there or superfluous because the people act for their own self-regulation, does not kill anyone while there.


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