The Truth About Eurocentric “Government” and Self-Determination

The myth of Eurocentric control is this fallacious and nonsensical idea that the masses of the people literally and directly control the system. Government means the people are “governed,” that means ruled by someone else. A free people set up governance, but are not “governed.” The people in this civilization only control THEMSELVES (and even that in the context of the ideological manipulation and oppression of the system). They are given only the choice to invest themselves or not invest themselves IN the system. Barring a real revolutionary thrust, the system does not HAVE to listen to the masses to survive. All it needs to do is go through the motions of doing something (investigate, study, create committees, propose stuff, etc.) and APPEAR to be acting to maintain legitimacy. If it does that, generally, the masses will go back into obedient “drone” mode. This cycle happens mainly because the people’s energy and resources were all spent on the effort to get the system’s attention and not on developing any suitable alternatives.

The fundamental economic, political, and social position of Afrikan people in the United States will not change until THEY change it by redirecting their resources and efforts away from integrating into and reinforcing the system of oppression and towards their own institutions and kujichagulia (self-determination). It really AIN’T rocket science. It does however, require leadership, courage, and a willingness to flip the usual script, things which apparently are in extremely short supply at the present time.

As I think about it, given the pitiful mind state of the current leadership, studying “rocket science” might actually be EASIER for them to grasp.

I used to say that the so called leaders have trained the people that whenever the system attacks the people that they should march, as if they were marching and sometimes running (as they get chased by the system) to compete in the Olympics. I noted that even if they make it, they will discover to their dismay that even the Olympic symbol is a link in a set of chains.


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