AfroSpace Cadetry: A Primer

The road to space cadetry is paved with good intentions. Here is a bit of a litmus test for yourself to see if you have wandered into space cadetry. If the ideology you are following teaches Afrikans that they are anything else but Afrikans…. If that ideology involves extraterrestrials and space ships…If that ideology involves changing your name, language, or clothing to reflect some dead civilization from thousands of years ago that you don’t really know and that none of your people actually can relate to…If it involves you claiming kingship and queen ship when the masses of people are not and never have been royals even on the continent.. If the people in your organization are allegedly the only ones who know the “truth”and when someone has to join your little band of merry men to actually discover it (usually for a fee)…..If you are relying on British admiralty law and Eurocentric concepts of sovereignty for liberation…If your God or leader is a person who has a criminal record, has been or is currently incarcerated for theft or sexual molestation or who has diagnosed mental illness and personality disorder…I could go on here, but those in the movement right now know that I have hit 60-70% of the currently operating BS out there.

As I have said before, Afrikans experience so much oppression in the present, that they are attracted to a fundamental retreat from reality. This tends to occur in two ways. Either, they radically buy into integrationism and assimilation, denying the oppression of the system altogether and trying to pretend nothing is wrong. OR, they go into Afrospacecadetry where they reject the system but present some of the fantasy and conspiracy theory stuff as an alternative, making them basically useless to any real Afrikans or to any real movement because they are off on magical pyramids, speaking weird tongues, wearing mystical clothing, and making money for the charlatans that run the particular scam organization they have hitched their souls to.

Real talk. You do not have to change your name, your clothing, our religion, and who you are to become conscious of your Afrikaneity. If you think you do, then changing those things is not going to be relevant to or reflective of your state of cultural consciousness anyway.

Real talk. Real Afrikan historical knowledge is not secret or limited. That which is empowering can be and must be known by the people. I do not have to join your little club to be conscious. I’m conscious without it because consciousness is not created by mere membership in some group claiming to be conscious. Moreover, if we have knowledge that can empower the people and deny it, we commit a sin and abuse knowledge. What good is a light bulb for people in the dark if it is hoarded by those who have light?

Real talk. God doesn’t do jail time or sexually molest or have a mental illness and has never been arrested for theft or claimed that his “white” wife is a reincarnation of his previous “black” one or any such thing. Nor does He get sick and die, so if you do those things or know anyone who does or has, then…..let me stop..I know I am hurting heads right now but I’m trying to save lives and minds before its too late

Real talk. Afrikans are Afrikans.Real living human beings, located globally but principally in a specific geographic location. They are not a cultural group from the East which invaded Afrika. They are not limited to ancient North Afrikans. They are not part of an imaginary lost continent. They are not from some other planet. Any plan for Afrikan people must deal with them as they are a multiethnic, multicultural, multilingual, multi-religious, multi-spiritual, global people in the real empirical Eurocentric world. Any theory or ideology which plans to magically transform them into any of these fantasy people as a prerequisite for liberation is the tactical equivalent of crack smoke.

Real talk. Most Afrikans are not kings or queens. Even in Afrika proper, there are only a small few. While Afrikans historically often had monarchies, the masses of Afrikan people were simply working class or agriculturalist people much as today. Our task is not to make them visualize themselves as mythical elites, but instead to let them know that whoever they are as Afrikans, wherever they may be in geography or the social hierarchy from king or queen to tidy bowl salesperson is of value. For example, the masons in ancient Kemet are as historically significant as many of the kings and queens and in some time periods more so, as were at times priests and so on. This veneration of royalty as the exclusive repository of personal value is Eurocentrism not Afrikan thinking and many Afrikan societies were not monarchical at all.

Real talk. Afrikan cultures are historically syncretic, and are collectively the source of ALL humanity, meaning that a global Afrikan agenda is not ultimately against any particular people, but FOR a set of organizing and central principles of living that are ultimately good for all life. If you feel that you HAVE to denigrate someone’s skin color, religion, spirituality, gender, sexuality, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship or something else to be “conscious,” you aren’t. You’re just a garden variety prejudiced individual and/or group using the illusion that you are liberating someone to justify your ignorance in the same way that your historical oppressors oppressed you, claiming that their own prejudices AGAINST you were justified by THEIR fictional identity. Get some coffins ready cause I just KILL-ED somebodies.

It is critical for those who would liberate Afrikan people to remain grounded in empirical reality for that reality provides a chance to develop strategic and tactical methodologies which may also be applied in the present. Space cadetry is problematic, not only because it is not true, but because its false premises makes it impossible for the masses to actually grapple with the world that is, instead focusing their collective social energy on the mythic and fantastic. ‘

There are those Afrikans in the so-called movement who insist on attempting to build the new civilization for the people using the waste product of bulls as raw material. Admittedly, if one is willing to dive deep enough into it, one CAN congeal it into a mass that can be used to lay SOME kind of foundation. Yet, it gives rise to an unpleasant stench that ultimately discourages the masses of the people from entering its structure. Moreover, when exposed to the real illumination of mental knowledge, to emotional warmth for the people, and/or to the cleansing waters of spiritual purification, it proves itself ineffective, vulnerable, and permeable. I prefer building with stone. In fact, of the variety that the other builders refuse. The stone the builders refuse is an all-weather material. It cannot be destroyed by any of the elements that seek to prevail physically against it. Whether you are rich or whether you are poor. Whether you are strong, whether you are weak. Whether you are famed or whether you are unknown. Whether you at times tend towards the good, or whether you have been bad. Whether you are ignorant or in the proverbial “know.” Either way, that stone, in contrast to clay, sand, or the bull…well you know..will persist.


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