Stupid causality theory

The notion that protesting and opposing police brutality, for me a necessity and obligation in any society that calls itself civilized and a realm of laws and order (much less justice), means somehow legitimating vigilante crimes against innocent law enforcement officers is patently ridiculous and offensive. What’s hypocritical is that the so-called conservatives who are trying to advance this argument, argued against it vociferously when the claim was made that anti-abortion activism caused the murder of doctors at abortion clinics. The fact is protests are not in and of themselves even necessary to cause violence in a culture that was built, honed, and consumes and glorifies violence and weapons. Nor are they the real causal agent in a society that does little or nothing for the mental health of its citizens and stigmatizes them socially when they attempt to do something for themselves. Sure, various political issues may be a momentary justifying trigger for a looming psycho, but so can the wind.


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