No Apologia Necessary

A lot of brothers and sisters in a patriarchal society buy into the false and juvenile sociological reasoning here that blames sisters for brothers not treating them as sisters because it absolves them of responsibility. Whatever “massa’s plan,” brothers and sisters both EQUALLY are responsible for our mutual condition and massaging brothers’ egos while both inflict more hell on each other in the real world TODAY and for reasons NOT connected to 400 years ago just explains how stuck in their philosphical system we are such that we actually blame each other rather than focusing on what we can and MUST do to get out of this collective vise.
Sisters do not owe me an apology for their pain. Nor are they to blame for it. Similarly I am not apologizing for my pain. What we BOTH need to apologize for is for not respectively taking the collective responsibility for dealing with the source of the pain..some of which is us and not the external. The negative effect others exert upon us is and has always been the absence of the exercise of our collective to define the parameters within which they will engage us.
It is truly a weak man that cannot and will not extract an apology from his community’s REAL enemies for his treatment but who expects, accepts, waits for, and applauds the women of his own community for apologizing for the same.
Afrikan women massaging, through false notions of their own culpability, the Afrikan male ego is not revolutionary work, but reactionism.


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