Ego and the death of relationships in eurocentrism

It’s so sad in Eurocentric society how ego kills human relationships. It seems as though people under its influence become pathologically incapable of selflessness, such that they can only engage others with the idea of what they get out of the situation or think they can get out with little or no regard to the effect on the other person involved in the interaction. And they seem genuinely shocked and stunned when the other person says “wait a minute, you can’t ignore my feelings or my needs or whatever.” As clear as they are about their OWN needs and desires, they are completely oblivious to the other person, seeing it as a kind of intrusion on their objectives. It’s like a spiritual vampire who not only preys on his or her victim but then actually takes for granted that they will stay in the same place for each night of bloodletting, never expecting them to actually get wise and flee.


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