The Terribly (Errant) Tyranny of the tithe

Under the Law, Jews had to bring 10% of their agricultural output to the communal storehouse to feed the priests who did not farm or work and to provide for the poor. Judaism required the priesthood because only the priest could enter the holy of holies place in the temple or synagogue and make offerings for sin. WHEN CHRIST finished the atonement of sin, the cloth which separated the holy of holies from the view and access by the regular believers was rent or torn in half. This meant you could access God directly. Christian ministers are not Jewish priests and Christ is the fulfillment of all requirements of the law. The tithe of the Law is therefore not binding on those accept Christ who have only one priest and that is Christ who is the author and finisher of our faith. Too many so called “Christian” ministers using ancient Jewish theology to take your money. Nor was the tithe primarily monetary but substantive for the needs of the priest and poor. When they brought money to Christ to tempt Him, He said give it to Caesar. These new “ancient Jewish” converts say “Thank you, can I have some mo?” Hell will be full of them and they and their ill-begotten wealth will burn.

It IS the obligation of a Christian to give alms for the poor and offerings for the maintenance of the church but that is not the ancient Jewish tithe and in the name of the Christ soon come its time to pull the wool off these wolves among the sheep. This and other lies is why God says the churches will be punished first at judgment. Their love of money and structure as businesses has overwritten God, truth, and the living Word. (Ignorant Eurocentric ecclesiastical hate is now permitted in all rows on the gravy train). I have never asked one dime of any church or believer for any service to God. Any re-numeration was an unrequested love offering which usually ends up back in church funds as I use it to do more service. Christ already paid full measure for my services.


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