The Plan..for Omaha and Beyond

TRUST! BELIEVE! PLAN! ACT! TRUST that your people, despite the challenges of the system outside and their weaknesses and difficulties among each other, can by a change in their will and spiritual perspective and efforts collectively accomplish positive change FOR THEMSELVES. BELIEVE that good will overpower evil, right over wrong, success over failure, and that we as a people are as of this very moment, no longer prisoner to the error and darkness of the oppressive past, but instead have unlimited divine potential in the present and for the future. PLAN 100% of action not planned either does not occur or fails strategically and tactically when it does. You must plan your work and then work you plan. This brings us to the last principle, ACT. All of the greatest plans, the highest degree of trust and faith, all is for naught if we don’t plan to actually do anything for ourselves about our own condition. So is any contribution from those outside. For if I plan to nothing for myself, you cannot truly help me, there being nothing to help me do. And this strategy of Trust Believe Plan Act is permeated throughout by the guiding principle of ACCOUNTABILITY. Hold me accountable for both showing my trust and for being trustworthy in my actions. Hold me accountable for showing my belief and faith in the people. Hold me accountable for contributing plans and contributing to realistic plans focused on meeting the needs and interests of the community. Hold me accountable for acting on those plans once they are made and approved. And let us as a people and a local community hold all those others who claim spiritual, educational, financial, or other forms of leadership accountable according to these same standards.

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