Too much Tolerance

The reason we have so much TOMfoolery in our communities now is because elders and people of conscience who know better are too chicken to call out whack ish and says it’s whack. Disrespecting your elders and ancestors is some brain dead juvenile delinquent Uncle Tom stuff and I could care less who you are or who you are supposed to be or who your former slave master propped you up to represent. And until we start saying it and putting our money where our mouth is in terms of not tolerating such intellectual and spiritual sloth, we will never collectively advance. News flash. Even God says not all will be saved. Applying it to this scenario? All negroes are potential Afrikans but not all will actualize that latent potential. Some will simply be proud and enthusiastic about BEING negroes and putting on shows and entertaining those they have been taught to think superior.


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