Avoiding the Snail’s Pace of Eurocentric Democracy in Afrikan Activism

Afrikan movements in the diaspora, like Afrikan governments at home are hamstrung by the Eurocentric idea of “liberal democracy.” Eurocentrists can afford what they call “democracy” because they currently are in power. For oppressed people, this is a dangerously moribund philosophy. Eurocentric “democracy” requires that the same authority be given to you, the person who wants to engage revolution and the people who (a) oppose revolution, or (b) oppose your strategy, or (c) oppose ANY action. Imagine a Eurocentric democratic underground railroad bus for enslaved Afrikans. Tubman gets on the bus and obviously wants to drive it to freedom. Uncle Tom gets on the bus and wants it to stay parked at the plantation. Overseer Smith wants to go to freedom, but he wants to walk there, exposing the people to dangers in the process. Fat Louie weighs 1000 pounds and just gets on the bus to make sure that with his weight it CAN’T go anywhere. Eurocentric liberals will tell Afrikan activists they HAVE to use this bus IF they are to be free and that it would be UNJUST (imagine THEM judging) to not allow all these characters on it. Meanwhile, the slave master periodically passes the windows waves and smiles, knowing you ain’t going nowhere. You cannot unite in “democracy” with people that fall into the three aforementioned categories if you are going to have action. Those who oppose any action against oppression or anything that is not going to lead to its stoppage must be jettisoned as baggage to start with. The debate about strategy CAN be had, but it must be had with TWO buses or a bus and some other conveyance. We can advance no alternatives for collective action if we don’t actually create an environment to “pilot” them and compare their relative effectiveness for the advancement of our interests. We need to abandon the idea of coming up with the universal, one size fits all, unity strategy for Afrikan advancement. What we need is a multiplicity of strategies, syncretism and the analytical and intellectual wherewithal to accurately assess their political and social worth.

You will find unity with those who want to do what you are DOING and want to go where you are GOING and victory over the consciousness of the people shall be won by those who do the most, go the farthest and thereby get the greatest following on the basis of their ACTION not their plans.

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