There are no “broken” souls.

Souls cannot be “broken,” at least those created by God. They can be and are exposed to pain and suffering, but there is no pain from which God cannot heal if it is His will and therefore there is no reason to walk around “broken.” “Broken” means not having asked for the healing and that may be because you do not know the source of your soul or do not believe in it. Wounded, but not “broken,” for the soul is who we are and it is eternal. The notion of people we can identify as “broken” is a trick to see them that way and to see ourselves that way and treat ourselves that way, so we give up. It is not “broken” souls that fix “broken” souls. It is an “unbroken” soul of God that completes the restorative work it begins IN souls that fixes them and the aid we give each other is out of our HEALING, NOT our brokenness. Beware Satan reworking your theology and calling it “spiritual science.”

We should say instead that those who have been troubled and wounded in spirit often, but not all the time, have greater empathy and sympathy for others. That’s different than saying falsely that souls can break. If I break a precious piece of art, there is no way to restore it to its former glory. All the glue in the world will not hide the fact from any discerning eye that it has been damaged. But God can fix the spirit such that there is no record of its pain beyond memory. To compare the physical aspect of brokenness with the spiritual aspect of wounded is a fatal error for it teaches implicitly discouragement and a sense of futility when there should be eternal hope.


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