What’s Wrong Wit Ya’ll

I think our collective priorities in education as well as economics and a bunch of other stuff are completely wrongheaded and that until we get that straightened out, we will collectively suffer. So-called ‘integration” seriously derailed most positive things in our communities and since the negro leadership was in charge of that and glorified that and benefited from that, they cannot and will not ever critique the fact that they led us to trade real businesses, real schools, real land holdings, and real finance for absolutely nothing in return except the right to hang out with folks who collectively don’t give a darn about our well being. You will not find many intellectual Afrikans, including chairpersons of Black Studies or something like that who will say that publicly, write about it, or openly speak that as I do and have for more than 20 years. Deep down our slavery experience and lack of self-love and respect inserted the idea that we are nothing without the validation and support and aid of certain “others.”

I did not grow up around negroes, but Africans, so I never had that mentality, never endorsed it, and for a long time did not even understand it. My maternal grand was a Garveyite in practice, if not ideology. She owned land, she built her house, she cared for her kids in the segregated south by herself, she defended herself, she held on to her cultural traditions, raised her food, and all right here in the USA, in the south, during segregation and Jim Crow. So I been looking at these folks for a long time, chasing government handouts, kissing Obama, fighting their wars, and begging to get in their system, wondering what’s wrong with ya’ll? I now understand the real meaning of being a slave in your mind, long after the physical chains have gone.


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