The Time for Afrikan Collective Identity is Now

Real talk. Like Dr. King, I TOO have a dream. Unlike his, mine is definitely NOT rooted deeply or otherwise in the “American Dream.” More like Garvey’s dream. One day Afrikan people will actually identify themselves AS Afrikans. They will not seek to be magical descendants of illusory ancient people, extraterrestrials, 1/8 something else from Europe, Cablasian, half something, or identify by any other citizenship or nationhood other than their homeland. Then they can begin to develop a collective agenda on it, for it, and for all of its global community. It was the oppressor who started us on this divisive quest to be anything BUT a collective people and at the same time that the French and the Germans bitterly disagree about a host of things, they can participate in a growing and powerful European Community as European brothers and sisters. Start an “African” community and watch most of us try to explain how we cannot be members cause “we” ain’t one of “them,” at home or abroad. The greatest trick of enslavement and colonialism and reinforced by neocolonialism is the rendering of the identity of the Afrikan as existentially problematic, so that he or she will identity with a Eurocentric street sign and name themselves after that (the 4th street crew) before they will name themselves after and identify with their own people. A brother asked the question way back around the time I was maturing in the struggle for liberation “when will we be ‘Americans?” My question was and is “When will we be Afrikans?” At home and abroad. I figure that’s why Garvey’s dream has not been realized. He said “Afrika for the Afrikans.” Now if only we could find them. I was looking for a few but I kept running into folks that looked, sounded, and acted like them, but called themselves everything, and ANYTHING but what and who they are.Some of them would rather be called and call themselves by animal names or racist insults that their slave master gave them than their name.

Let me really hurt this and upset some negroes. Scripture “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” Now I know some of all of you, “white” and “black” have been buffaloed into believing that this refers to some 12th century European Jewish converts, but it wasn’t about them. Sorry. Nor was it about a state created via British colonialism in 1948 or the residents and citizens of that project. Sorry Again. Truth hurts but this is the only way we can go today because the time is getting short. Once you know whom that passage is REALLY about, you can reason with me. Now these Afrikans who are called by God’s name, that are His, have to KNOW who they are (who’s they are) and BE who they are (who’s they are) and claim that name in order for the rest of the active clauses here to take effect. If you are called by the name of God for His purpose as you were from the beginning and then you take a bunch of other names your slave master gives you or that you make up to avoid who you are then……let me stop..I just watched a space cadet’s brain pop. It happened when he was looking for Nuwabia.


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