Death By Entertainment

We as a people are being entertained to death. As Hollywood cranks out more “slave” historical fiction, TV more Eurocentric imagery, music more nihilism and so on, we justify it all by calling it “entertaining.” The litmus test of Afrikan culture must not be, does it “entertain.” It may be able to titillate me with sexuality and nudity, violence and bloodshed, it may amuse me with degradation, but that cannot be the standard of culture for an oppressed people, even if it is the standard for the larger society and the core. Our culture must speak to the best of our nature, our achievements, and our aspirations. If the culture is historically incomplete or inaccurate, or the social lessons mythical and/or destructive of family and nation, of brotherhood and sisterhood, or economic and social progress, of what use is it. It is as the scriptural salt that has loss its savor and fit therefore only be to thrown out to the beasts of the field. Sometimes I have learned and observed, we are only amused because something has been presented to us with simplicity. But the universe and the world and economics and politics and the things that matter are not simple but complex and the rendering of everything at the level of the least common denominator might in that context only be amusing because for the oppressor, the jokes are on us.


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