I am Afrikan. I Am Not a Victim of History, but an Agent of It

I don’t deny the negative aspects of African history, but the notion that the Afrikan cannot compete socially because of those things contradicts our history because many of us DO and just as successfully as others DESPITE the obstacles. We often have to do more work, but it IS being done and we have to stop seeing ourselves and teaching ourselves to see ourselves as perpetual victims of the past who need help. This is the problem I believe with integrationism. If you tell me that the status quo is discriminatory to our collective social progress, I tend to want to ask why do we choose to integrate into that status quo? That’s the problem with this whole myopic, regressive way of thinking we have been on for the last 60 years or so. I was and am VICTIMIZED by white supremacy and classism and other systems of oppression, but that never made me and does not make me now cognitively a VICTIM and therefore I have never lived a life of seeking perpetual compensation, but instead a life of trying to revitalize the Afrikan legacy of achievement which preceded the obstacles, using it as evidence that what we have done we can do again. Ourselves. What bothers me about this whole civil rights mentality with reparations and affirmative action is the insidious idea that you need something from “whites” to succeed. I believe that is a lie before God unto hell and the highest example of the slavery mentality. I can show you all Afrikan schools with everyone graduating and going to college, all boys. Hard work, lots of resources, yes. But without any handouts or special dispensations. I think our leaders are lazy, unqualified, and pessimistic. Lazy because they don’t want to help us do the work required to free OURSELVES and take responsibility for OUR own destiny. Unqualified because they are so dependent on “white” philanthropy and government programs that they do not know what real kujichagulia would look like. Pessimistic because I think they really don’t believe collectively in what their people can achieve and therefore they are on the “begging” train. I am not with them. If someone has smacked me in the head for 400 years, when I am able to get up and get them off me I don’t want anything from them but to leave me the h e swinging ells alone. I’ll take care of the rest. Signed the UN-Tom.

And here’s another thing. Eurocentric oppression is only a brief segment of our history as a people. What about Afrikans that ran and own businesses in the 1700s? What about all the independent Afrikan communities that were affluent during the pre and immediate post civil-war period? What about the Afrikan communities largely missed by the civil rights reforms which liberated themselves in the South and West largely without the large organization and official “leaders?” And we won’t even begin with the period before enslavement, where we were among the global leaders. We have been given enslavement and oppression AS our history rather than as an interruption to our history and so we see ourselves as people with endless deficits. I may hold you down for a period, but nothing about the mere holding can destroy you unless you convince yourself that that is the entire history of what you have done, where you are, and what you will do. I am not fighting for some handouts for the people. I believe they can do for themselves and that they MUST because the system is not going to do it for them. I think many who call themselves our leaders have no such faith in us or in God.


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