Political Sophistication

Probably going to get in trouble again here with the Afrosupernegroes but so be it. We have to develop “political sophistication.” What is that? Well let me operationalize it for you. We have to get the point where we do not feel compelled to automatically agree and support something an Afrikan says or does merely because they ARE Afrikan. Political sophistication means that I have the ability to have sincere disagreements with my friends and debate them without rendering them enemies and without them doing so to me. Too often we have an all or nothing “unsophisticated” politics that Eurocentrists can exploit where we either slovenly accept anything that comes in “blackface” form or where we unilaterally REJECT anything coming from the community. We have to pragmatically assess statements and actions and plans not according to person but according to honesty, efficacy, and efficiency relative to community progress. And we cannot assess at all without doing depth research rather than relying on surface assumptions.


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