Strategic Voting

The voting rhetoric of the Eurocentric system is to give it legitimacy. If you don’t vote, they say you had no right to complain because you did not vote, even if you had nothing to choose. Similarly, if you do vote, they argue you have to support what comes out because you endorsed the system by voting. I see through their philosophy like glass. I treat my votes like voters did in the old corrupt political machines. Everyone knew the systems were corrupt then. The deal was in exchange for the vote, either party, had to deliver real tangible goods and services. Vote Democratic get housing. Vote Republican get the water on. The system is the same corrupt one now only now you vote either and get nothing. We need to be as smart as the voters back then. If you want me to even bother voting in this system, I need to see your commitment to something tangible for the people. No promises, no rhetoric. And if I don’t see it, you don’t see me. I vote with my feet, working for the things I believe in and want to see and I have made far more progress with that than I have pulling a lever to see which oppressor I would like. I support voting, but not as an obligation to the oppressor, but as one of many strategic tools to be used or not used in cases where it makes a tangible difference for the people and more often than not that’s on small, local election scenarios.

Let me give you an example. While we spend time attacking “black” liberals and “black” conservatives (depending on which illusory “side” you’re on), remember Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton? Every piece of legislation that passed the United States congress and became law involved both their signatures and their approval. So while the TV talked about they were a conservative and a liberal, a radical republican and a democrat, they came together and ran the government. Meanwhile negroes still arguing about which “side” of the plantation they on. We must get wiser or stay stupid and be ruled by those wiser than us. They understand that disputes over politics end at the moment of power and governance. We don’t get it so we never get power. A broke liberal looks just a broke conservative. An Uncle Tom liberal looks just like an Uncle Tom conservative. I use the Klan test. What does a Klansman say he sees when he sees a “black liberal?” What does he say when he sees a “black conservative?” Malcolm x you don’t catch hell because you a Christian or a Muslim…you don’t catch hell cause you’re a conservative or a don’t catch hell because you’re a Democrat or a Republican… If we remember why and how we “catch hell,” we would stop chasing after it divisively and seek heaven instead together.

Or at least a tangible collective agenda. Whoop dere it is. This division stuff is old for me and juvenile. If a “black conservative” got an idea and ready to do the work for progress, I am listening. If a “black liberal” got one and ready, I’m tuned in. If you ain’t got none and ain’t doing nothing and ain’t gone do nothing, I could give less than a flying fig what your party is, what you look like, or what ideology you claim cause “useless” is the same in either case.


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