Just Don’t Get the Logic

I must be retarded. THAT’S what it is. Someone help me out. I have come to the conclusion that I simply do not understand the logic of the whole civil rights discourse from a movement and philosophical perspective. Let me explain. So a florist says to me I won’t sell you flowers from my shop because your skin is dark. Now the civil rights logic says we sue or boycott or whatever and if we “win” then the florist is FORCED to TAKE MY MONEY. ..let me try this again..someone who …is prejudiced and racist who does not like me who insults and disrespects my humanity..I protest to force THAT person to TAKE MY MONEY…maybe I am not getting it here. I have a RADICAL alternative idea. First of all there are 5 bazillion OTHER florists globally and I am gathering that I will find one, two, maybe even a few HUNDRED THOUSAND that will take my money AND accept my humanity at the same time. But then I have an EVEN more incendiary concept..Afrikans can grow flowers TOO.

Say you don’t want to take my money for some dumb reason and I am gone so fast the only thing you feel is the wind as I exit. I don’t BOYCOTT..I BYPASS AND REROUTE. I NEVER come back and NEVER ask for anything and tell every brother or sister I can find to do the same.

It’s like the political equivalent of a bad Henny Youngman joke..take my money…PLEASE! Ya’ll lost me. You wait for the day I am standing outside begging someone to rob me. Mama didn’t raise that kind of fool. Nobody here but us Afrikans.

No seriously, I can keep my $1.5 trillion in my pocket.

It just seems to me that underneath the whole logic is a deep sense of a collective slave mentality. See, I need YOUR flowers from YOUR flower shop because no other shop and certainly not any shops my own people would create would be as good as yours. Since I never had the sense of inadequacy or any sense that some other’s group or their stuff was superior to me and mine, I never had this “begging” impulse. I can go to your store because and IF I CHOOSE to, not because I HAVE to or feel somehow validated by doing so. We are seriously good with God over here and since He got my back, I can actually live without you, your store, or your flowers.

At an age where we have cameras so good on cell phones that a selfie is almost studio quality, I am going to spend money, boycott, and beg somebody to take my money to take pictures for me? Must be the crack epidemic…


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