Plutocracy: U Gotta Pay to Play

Here in Omaha as everywhere, folks in the community rail on the relative ineffectiveness of “black” politicians. Folks, let me help ya’ll. This is a PLUTOCRACY. It is not and has NEVER been a democracy. A plutocracy is a society in which wealth and capital rule and in which the political system ultimately must respond to market forces more than representative government. What does that mean? In meeting with most “black” politicians, especially local, I recognize two things. That they generally do have a heart for their people and the community despite realizing that from time to time they make mistakes. They’re very human. The expectations put on them, not so much. I also recognize that they are indeed politicians and as such they have to balance personal commitments to people and to causes and to the community as a whole with the need to address the powerful economic forces which control the levers of power. Now everyone knows that if you are going to play monopoly to win, you HAVE to own some property and you have to accumulate some wealth. Sure, you can go around the board without doing that, but you are just waiting to get eliminated if you do. If you want “black” politicians to listen and stay beyond about 5-10 minutes, we have to provide them with (a) the agenda, and (b) the public support in the form of organizing economic resources to sustain their election and justification for action while in office. Booker T. Washington warned us about the hole in Du Bois plans. You can get political and civil rights but with no economic base you cannot effectively use them or maintain them. Two scenarios. Mr. Black Politician, I want you to vote for this bill for community development. He says what kind of economic plan do you have behind it? Just me, but it’s a really good idea. He would be a political fool for real for listening to me any longer. On the other hand, same scene. Mr. Black Politician, I want you to vote for this bill for community development. He says what you got? First of all, I got 100,000 in community funds pledged for the project. I have 100,000 in matching funds from nonprofits with a complete plan for the project sustainable going forward. I also have a 20,000 donation for your re-election campaign. Watch the results change. Now we can call this bribery or graft, but this is what the US political system is. Now, I’m all for ignoring that and going completely independent, but if we are not ready for that or willing and we’re going to play in this system, we have to play for real. Sit down at a poker table with no cards and no chips and don’t be surprised if you get jacked. “Black” politicians are what we have allowed them to be and anyone else will be the same. It is when we change our political orientation towards a collective agenda and our economic agenda towards collective development and advocacy that politicians will be useful. We also need to stop this democratic, republican nonsense and get Afroccrat and Afropublican. Unless we gone do that, you can elect yo own cousin and he gone be looking and acting strange at yo broke behind within a few months.

With money you can implement programs and policies and even buy votes. If you got nothing but votes, you can just get elected. Domestic political economy 101.


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