The Ankh Behind the Cross: A Primer

Afrikans are the only people who are asked consciously and subconsciously to abandon their history and culture at the door of the church. That plea should and must be IGNORED and actively resisted. No people can have a institution that is at the core of their ethical and spiritual life, not to mention political, economic, and social, where there on culture is excluded. Secondly, Afrikan culture is the birthplace of Christianity and thus an Afrikan who leaves their culture at the door is not only creating an unsustainable dual consciousness for themselves, but also eliminating any hope they might have for understanding the truth about their own faith. I did not juxtapose the ankh and the cross in my status to be cute or by accident. If you know REAL Christian history as opposed to what the Eurocentrists taught you ABOUT it, you know they BELONG together in the first place. To summarize, Western Christians focus on the Cross as the symbol of Christ’ sacrifice for the sins of man. That’s fine, but it was not His dying that was the key, but His resurrection which showed that He had power over death. Thus early Christians had symbols of life like the fish, or the dove, and the ankh which even before the faith had stood for eternal life. It was the life sign not the death sign that was critical. God is the God of the Living not the dead. The religious power of the cross is that the sacrifice and death at the cross was the path that facilitated the renewal of Afrikan cultural concept of messianic resurrection and eternal life. When the Eurocentrists lied and took Christ and the Judeo-Christian tradition out of the Afrikan context and placed it in the Roman one, they effectively lost the cultural and spiritual essence of the faith. This is why it’s so critical that Afrikans do not repeat that same mistake. Christ was the fulfillment of Afrikan prophecy and promise, the coming foretold in Afrikan Judaism. Take that away and you don’t have the substance of the faith. And it is this fraudulent de-spiritualized, de-culturalized Christianity that is the greatest threat to the faith. Why? Because it forces someone, not just Afrikans but ESPECIALLY them, to try to accomplish the impossibility of choosing between religion and culture. Culture is to a people as water is to fish. Relinquishing it is to kill them, cognitively first and then ultimately physically. On the other hand, no activity of culture has essential value unless it is tied to the Creator who is the assigner of existential value.


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